December 27, 2011

It is with sadness that I add a new page to the BSGconnect website. One of our members, Stan Bojak, recently passed away. Stan was a kind, gentle, thoughtful, funny man. He had a way about him that always made you feel good after being around him. He had a certain innocence that was charming. Stan was a devoted son who cared for his mother for 10 years. To me his story is the epitome of what BSGconnect is all about. His passing has impacted me a great deal.

Stan first came to game night. Yathzee was his favorite because he played it with his mother but he liked playing all kinds of games. Gradually he started attending more events; he joined us for miniature golf, he came to the Photo Fest with lots of pictures of his family, the annual Barbecue, the maze, bowling and Bev’s house for dinner.

Stan sometimes rambled when he talked and he knew that he often got sidetracked. Many times he would apologize for doing so. But that was not necessary; it was okay. Everyone in BSG just accepted him. I know everyone who knew Stan would agree that he always made us laugh. Who could forget the banana story or chicken without the head story. Stan said the group made him feel good and I think he found a new family with us.

Stan gave back. He would do these very thoughtful things that showed how much the group meant to him. Most of that was directed at me as the facilitator of the group. I was very touched by his gestures. The last time I spoke to him was Thanksgiving. I called him on Wednesday to find out what he was doing the next day. It seemed both of us were going to be alone the following day and we chatted a bit. He called me the next day to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. He was telling me how he concocted this dish. (he was a crazy eater). I said my son had called and I was going over to his in-laws for dessert which was perfect for me. He was going by his sister’s house after they ate dinner to play some games. So we ended the conversation with how the day turned out well for both of us. It was very sweet.

I never heard from him again. I called him a couple of times and sent him the December Flier. He had mentioned he was coming to the Christmas party but he never showed. People were asking about him. As time passed I got more and more concerned. I don’t want to pressure people about attending BSG but it this case it did not make sense. He loved the group so much. I send him a Christmas card reminding him about game night Thursday December 22. That night we wondered what had happened to him. We half seriously half jokingly talked about sending out a posse to find him. He lived on a farm and worked a lot outside so we wondered if he had been hurt.

Monday December 26 I received a call from his sister. They found him in his house after apparently collapsing in the kitchen. It appeared he had been working outside.

We hope that Stan is now reunited with his beloved Mother. I know the group gave him friendship and happiness in what was to be his last months. He will be missed.


From Diana Sebzda: I know Stan was a unique and special individual and Lorri and I thought it was wonderful how the group accepted him and how he loved the group.

From Diane Vough : I would like to say that Stan was a kind soul and had a child like innocence about him. He was anxious to please and it was a blessing to know him. He had a competitive spirit and enjoyed games and dinners. The best was at Bev's house, who could forget that night he brought laughter into our lives that hadn't seen any in a long time. May you rest in peace. Stan the Man We love you.

From Peter Plaskon: Like everyone who heard the news, I was stunned at the passing of Stan. He made friends so easily. Once, while bowling, he described in great detail how his father trained him in his business of fixing various types of trucks and farm machinery. He explained the intricacies of mechanical repair. He was able to do this while getting the best bowling score of the day. He invited me to visit his farmstead, but I got completely lost in the details. I'm just not good at following directions, so sad to say, I didn't go. I just can't imagine the hilarity of BSG gatherings without Stan. As a BSG member he gets an A plus plus!

Sidebar from Patricia : The abovementioned bowling score was the highest score ever in the BSG group!!

From Fionula : How sad I feel at the passing of our dear friend Stan. May He Rest in Peace. We will miss him so much.

From James Garlette: I was very saddened to hear about Stan's passing. Although I didn't know him very well my impression of him from his sharing at the group was that he was a very kind, loving and introspective person who always had a positive message of hope. He will certainly be missed at our meetings, but I'm sure his presence will always be there especially in our hearts.

From Charlie Stackhouse: What a wonderful tribute! I don't know how to add to the page but you all said it far more perfectly than I, other than I'm really, really, shocked and am better off having met such a gentle soul without pretense or self-consciousness, a lesson from which I can learn much.

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